Thursday, 15 December 2011


                                                       Justin Bieber waxwork

Justin created a new model of the London museum Madame Tussuad wax figure.

Justin dado festive atmosphere and our Top 40, and it's only October
Who is the penultimate in October Vodafone Big Top 40, our first The miracle of Christmas song, we think that will be on the table.Justin is a new function "G" on the new album, his božič.Pesem was first on Monday and immediately went to chart its course through iTunes.Did you mean: In the 18 hours on Sunday to adorn more time in the rich + cat, and Bieber, a new record number. 33We are confident that we will not stop until Christmas, but we have this song as a Christmas chart, which is located close to The miracle of Christmas this year will be re-thought.

We have proposed a price of Canadian pop-clip to release the album "Under the mistletoe juice." After two series of separate pop star back, finally, to join Santa's sleigh for a song reigns, stirring Conclusion.Justin Bieber has a collaboration with Mariah Carey, this is a holiday album, released in late October, is also the "Mistletoe" has a song. The song, Which is Monday 18 October, the U.S. ITS radio play got first was on the same day that the world is available for download. Many Beliebers has mistletoe and "mistletoe on Monday," their idea was trended to the world.

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