Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How Google copied Plus Facebook

Post the revised design Google, Google Plus on top.  What is new now, for example, the navigation bar  with lots of icons on the press, which replaces the static bar at the top left hand side. In addition, you can now watch videos from YouTube and other video  interviews is correct  groin.Google hangout spot, trying to paint a new Google plus, as well as strong competitors in Facebook land, it is good. Google said, although the network now has 170 million users. But it must be for users who  want to buy Google's e-mail address  is now also a Google Member Plus can only guess how many are currently available,  network.It know that consumers spend on Google, and a lot less time than Facebook. Thus, the researchers found com Score, a market that U.S. users  per month by just three minutes to spend with Google  "plus", and they use Facebook at least 7 hours.It, we know that consumers spend  on Google,and much less time than Facebook. Thus, the researchers found comScore, a market that U.S. users  per month with just three minutes to spend with  Google "plus",and they use Facebook  for at least seven hours.I  slept through most of the social media trends. Fe  Place North rapid growth and strong social networks, such as buttons,while marketing tool, for example, nine paper has focused search engine.These social media experiment, such as Google Bookmarks, you can not dominate was indecisive. This error  has been recognized by Google, a recent Google "an effort to control corruption is how Google"  button facebook button basically taken the idea of one is an acronym.  Well-known as  the thumb upwards, they are friends with one click, the user is content like this article, images, videos and web  sites will be one whole. Even Google Ad Sense ads.  Content on the search results page was prestidigitation  one. functions, such as button up  your pace, and actively use your Google account. Be provided with a consistently good quality content  can be easily recognized. However, social functionalTiresias more important role in this review all the recommendations of  friends and other users,  search engines listed above  all as a button, users have developed their own Panasonic. Among. To make all possible,

Also needed is a Google Account. New features that are available to  all users of the test  phase, but I now have a 10,000 integrate your own website, the webmaster of the websites  and blogs, you already own  integrated buttons can be code for Google's webmaster tools they need to get through but the current on Google.com. Anyone tried German side to the webmaster, but nothing. Code in the appropriate places  must be installed on your page. Most visitors to the site, it is possible to register. 0 For example,  the liver at the end of the document approx. If they use Twitter and Facebook, he should stand beside geochemistry  button. Google One of the advantages of the impact of a single moment, can not say. It is popular in the search results page, ensure that the visibility of a nonattendance the results were dramatically displayed along with the votes cast in the future.

Web  users with a number of voices are inherently more and more  useful. More important question is the location of the site operator operations have a positive impact is calculated from the pages. Google itself is down, but this is hardly credible.  Finally, a  role that Twitter and other social services have begun. Google,  which is an opportunity  to determine the best  sites related to the subject. It is therefore likely to be treated as any to go.The result is, when shown together with the votes of future dramatically. The number of voice and Internet users are actually more useful.  The most important issue  is the location of the operation of the Web site administrator positive impact is calculated from the page. If he under  Google, this is not necessarily reliable. This latter role, Twitter and other social services has begun. Google is an opportunity to determine the best websites  related to the topic.  Therefore, it can be seen as the only thing you want to move.


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