Friday, 23 December 2011

President Barack Obama and Justin Bieber at Christmas

President Barack Obama and Justin Bieber onstage at Christmas in Washington 2011

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, Justin Bieber President Obama and his family in 30 annual Christmas concert in Washington, Sunday, otchetov.Pokazat Press Association, who uses the National Children's Medical Center, which also includes performances Jennifer Hudson, Perry Group, "winners" Star Victoria Justice and see Lo Green.Bieber, the song, "Mistletoe" - their holiday album, under the mistletoe - In an annual event. This is the second time teen star appeared on the show. He was two years ago, "Wake up to the common cold climate change, but it is ready for Christmas night in Washington. Has Rest," he wrote hours before the event, and later still : "It feels good, is just a fun little exercise, and now we r ready to sing the President has Canadianism presenter see the fans are here again  two years later.Has Most Blessed and grateful feeling. Thank U! Great night! President Obama has a Nice show. He was of the "run off" I said. Has Presidential SVAG. "In the case of number, such as the Christmas classic" This Christmas "" Silent Night  "Home for Christmas I'll Let It Snow" and ". Evening ended with all the artists, as well as a host Conan O'Brien was Obama, and in the light phase," Listen! Herald Angels Sing "is a holy night, O'Brien shows up at the time the order is not just poke fun .." It is when we celebrate the joy of the advent of a miracle baby to be here at this time is especially exciting, with respect to millions around the world, "he said." Course I will be talking about Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber performs at the 2011 American Music Awards

Holiday cheer filled in 2011 American Music Awards Sunday night (November 20), Justin when on stage to perform their festive hit "Mistletoe," from his Christmas album chart,Friend and colleague Sean Kingston Biebster a platform to spread the smoke over his foot with a great start. In general, the white bands, singers walk on both sides of the platform, while the neon lights that provide a wide range. While singing with them, food, music, code, using smaller units before they get on the main stage. JB and the power stage and the audience only ....Camera panorama participants waving glow sticks. Twitter Bieber released over the weekend, his mother, performance, writing, "AMA attempts to block. Dankanter at the rate  here. It seems fun." Kanter, musical director, echoed similar sentiments in relation to the stars. "The AMA test. JB is dead, just wait until you see all of you tomorrow!" Wrote. JB has uncovered checks the store left much more, NBC and TNT Tree Lighting on November 30th annual "Christmas in Washington" special television appearances, including 11 December.

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