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Selena and Justin with new wax statues
Selena Gomez We believe Washington, DC, wax museum Madame Tussauds have been immortalized in a statue, but now former Disney Channel star Justin Bieber a sculpture, with its large numbers Apple.New Bieber and Gomez will accompany the opening of this famous New York museum.It almost scary how similar the real figures of their idols, but it's very touching to see them in The miracle of Christmas mood, Christmas came and announced: "Mistletoe down" as part of the show, because, like York you can imagine, this year, and Selena Justin together for the holiday.

                                        Selena, Justin  

Selena, Justin:
Boyfriends of wax with Selena Gome - Wax number Selena Gomez was presented to Madame Tussuad in New york.Figural wax Gomez was placed next to his friend in the life of Justin Bieber.

Boyfriends of wax
.- Selena Gomez in Thomas Broderick 2016 conference: "Selena Gomez is selected, I am not a saint of God.If I see a lot of concern [Selena] on the body, Scripture says, "No Man of God in the face of misery."It was very close to each other in the face of God." But again there is an unknown in the custody of Selena!

Investor.- Selena helped fund the program "On The Run, which helps users to print and send postcards images and ISO devices running Android. She is on the cards to run and play with the i Phone on a trip. he Applications fell in love, and told all his friends, sent a letter to the company and told them that he wants of assistance. Selena participated in the financing of the deployment phase of $ 750,000, is the first foreign investment and its first investment in technology.  

                                       Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: DNA test will be Confidential !
A few months ago, Justin Bieber gave a picture of Selena Gomez with a child in a park in Canada.Daniele The second version of Evangelina. Now, more beautiful pictures, and Justin on the other hand, we know that illegal occasion.In Yates Mariah Bieber lawyers try to interview a woman accuses her father of her child Biebs 3 months from the contract that the DNA test results are confidential Bieber old.The, so nobody knows.

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