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The miracle of Christmas

The Christmas story 

Son of God comes into the world
During this time the Emperor Augustus ordered that all the inhabitants of the Roman Empire covered in lists by name should be. Such a census, it had never happened before.It was conducted when Quirinal was governor of Syria. Everyone had to go into the city from which He came to be registered there. Because Joseph was a descendant of David was born Bethlehem,he traveled from Nazareth in Galilee to Bethlehem in Judea. Joseph had to enroll there,together with his young wife Mary, who was expecting a child. When they were in Bethlehem, Mary gave her first child - a son - was born. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed him in a manger in the stable because they are in the guest house does not Space had been given.

 The shepherds in the field
 Guarded that night out on the  Field some shepherds their flocks. Suddenly an angel of God came to them,and God's light shone around them. The shepherds were terrified, but the angel said: "Fear not! I bring you the greatest Joy for all people:Today is for you in the city in which David had been born, came the long awaited savior to the dream world.It is Christ the Lord. And this shall ye know him: the child is, wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger! " 

When the angels had left them, decided the shepherds: "Let's go to Bethlehem. We want to see what happened there and what is God's angel has spoken."She made immediately set off and found Mary and Joseph and the child in the manger lay.
When she saw the child, told the shepherds,what the angel had told them. And all who heard their report,were very astonished. But Mary knew every word and thought again and again about it. Then the shepherds returned to their flocks back. They praised and thanked God for what they are in this  Night had experienced. Everything was exactly as the angel had told them. 

Christmas traditions in the British Isles were also taken from their former colonies in North America, Australia or New Zealand.Christmas Eve Are the gifts by Santa Claus, here the Father Christmas is delivered under the Christmas tree. The British published her name for Santa Claus as more formal than the American version of Santa Claus. On Christmas Day Christmas Day And sometimes families come together for a traditional Christmas dinner friends.Christmas is more common than in an average season watching television and for many television stations is the Christmas Eve quotenträchtigste the day of the year.Many British people still follow the annual Christmas address to the Queen. One of the most listened to radio broadcasts transmitted live over the decades afternoon celebration .

No matter how you decorate your festive Christmas table, make sure it is something that is doable, fun, and be within your means to accentuate your holiday as good as possible.In the event that one of your employees do not celebrate Christmas or wish to be personally offended by Christmas decorations, it can be a good idea to refrain from Decorate your workplace with Christmas decorations. While this is true, it is also your responsibility, respect, protect, as well as your employees. If you want to decorate your workplace for The miracle of Christmas, it is advisable that you speak to at least do some of your employees before.

Christmas Eve 
 According to the ancient calendar of the day ended with the sunset, thus belonged to the evening of December 24 for Christmas already liturgically. In Europe, the family Christmas party with gifts and feasts more and more in the evening or even the afternoon of the 24th shifted forward. In addition to the German-speaking countries is the mess including in Argentina, Poland, Portugal, Hungary and Nordic countries on Christmas Eve instead. In most others, especially the English-speaking dream world, the presents on Christmas Day will be distributed.The festival is usually celebrated in the immediate family. First comes the Clause and after the meal on Christmas Eve, which is celebrated regionally. In Germany it is common to eat potato salad with sausages or a similar simple meal, but also elaborate dishes such as Goose or Carp are common. In many families is a visit to a church service, either in the late afternoon (Christ vesper, Nativity Play) Or at night (Midnight Mass), The usual ritual, even for non-churchgoers. The church services on The miracle of Christmas Eve are therefore in all Christian denominations, the most visited throughout the year.

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