Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The miracle of Christmas

Christmas in Wonderland

"The miracle of Christmas in Wonderland" and the most successful pop group in this!The miracle of Christmas is a time for reflection and rest, especially on the fast, cold and rather insensitive, it is often very difficult. Just in time for the first Advent Paldau Kempten reach and attract visitors to the break of three hours from the magic of Christmas busy day! richly designed scenery and lighting effects are perfectly balanced by experts as one and put the audience in the world of dreams. Christmas as a fairy tale Fairy tales! Although Santa Claus himself and brought a lot of funny gags are very deep, playing concerts, thoughtful and ambitious. He feels that the play amazing show with lots of love and passion ready Paldauer.The a great success A mix of traditional Christmas songs and popular music and many surprises The highlight of the songs Paldau incredibly beautiful album "When all The stars shine. "This program is the journal of an artist is honored as the best The miracle of Christmas show nagradom.Muzickih the first adventure for the whole family!

Crazy Pool boys Christmas Show

Line up the ground floor: large pool boys, El Mar. Line Up one level: SL all Nonspecializing: Religion Rapunzel Timekeeper bottommost du ONE Getting zoom Pres Hilbert INTER Rita! DIE first 250 Face book -Hammerstein Oralee brake INTER Rita bus 23.00 pm, 4 sons, - $ + suspected area (Meir Info that bottommost dew auk red Thickset ensures timer) We're back! How Humor enmal them Quarta Wirdum die Glas Haus - Bühne in Beschläge genome und der ohnehin Chon feiernden Menger mächtig eingeheizt! Schrille Costumes, Sonnenbrillen, Flamethrower und die die verrückteste Show Das Glas Haus eye Jesher hat  Das scientists die pool boys crazy! Spring Das ca. 11 Monaten nahezu zufällig zusammengewürfelte DJ-Team Suite für Musik 100% straight partytaugliche OB House, Electro, Black Rock perfume  no Menger tobt Hauptsache die! Also Freunde December gepflegten Hüftschwungs Duftkerzen AUS, Plätzchen Zur Edinburgh auf und die Tanzfläche AB  Day: An Illustrated feèrn elected!

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