Monday, 12 December 2011

The miracle of Christmas

Justin Bieber, Conan O’Brien join U.S. Presdent Obama at White House Christmas celebration

Teen pop star in a Christmas concert, Barack Obama and singer Justin Bieber on Sunday with a good sound, the president met his wife and daughters.Comedian show hosts Conan O'Brien TNT Christmas in Washington met with scorn, that time of year, if the thought of millions of people around the world as a The miracle of Christmas , which is not observed. O'Brien said he leads the audience at the National Building Museum in Washington, worship services Sunday morning singer.Obama born in Canada with his family present, "I am of course talking about Justin Bieber" - which they rarely do - and to show the amount of address joking serious was the first hospital in Washington -. the role of young patients, "Celebrating the miracle of the season," he said after the meeting."Every year we celebrate the birth of Jesus changed the world history. I and millions of American history to fill our hearts, inspire our lives," he said, adding that the The miracle of Christmas values ??of the donation, thank you sorry, the service was "shared values ??of all religions." So tonight, let us all dedicate ourselves to each other, in the spirit of his family: Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, God bless you all, "said.Obama a president who can deal with tough election battle in 2012, not so often talked about the beliefs . 

He his religion, but to answer a few questions about Biber his last public appearances,Why Be a student, including the creation of jobs in rural Virginia, asked last month to a school where the incidence of Australia, visited the singer Cee Lo Green ir Jennifer Obama popularity.During Hudson, including your music, help to increase the pop superstar has a team, O'Brien campaign, Americans can be, "Let's go to the "Michelle Obama poked fun, more exercise and eat healthy. "It is not easy for the White House Kid that Santa may be leaving a plate of celery, organic soy milk and cookies Cup at home these days do not stop." - He said, laughing.

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